59 Martyrs (بطلق ناري من داعش) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
122186..... .....   MnbjAleppo10/10/2014Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
124268Ryzan .....   Ayn alarbAleppo13/11/2014Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
124754..... .....   AleppoAleppo23/11/2014Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
125963Aattf amad alayash   IbtaaDaraa15/12/2014Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
128638..... .....   MnbjAleppo5/2/2015Male16Gunshot from ISISCivilian
129625..... .....   Tl tmrAlhasakah23/2/2015Female5Gunshot from ISISCivilian
132313Aly asamh aljndy   AlmbaojhHama31/3/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
132317Lyth asamh aljndy   AlmbaojhHama31/3/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136280..... .....   Am hoshAleppo1/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136281..... .....   Am hoshAleppo1/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136282..... .....   Am hoshAleppo1/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136317Dhhe almslm   Am hoshAleppo2/6/2015Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136319Ala khald almhmd   Am hoshAleppo2/6/2015Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136320Fattmh khald almhmd   Am hoshAleppo2/6/2015Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136322Mose mslm   Am hoshAleppo2/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
136837Ebrahym sorany   TlqrahAleppo10/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
137027Sad hmzh hsn   MnbjAleppo14/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISMilitary
138057Slyman khdhr alyas   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour26/6/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
138444Asad aly alalyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour3/7/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
138577Harth .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/7/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
139704Road ebrahym   Tl abydhAlraqah25/7/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
139705Mhmd sayd abdalqadr alfhl   Tl abydhAlraqah25/7/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
141033Mhmd yosf naamh   Tl shghybAleppo15/8/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
141457Byan aly abdallh alahmd   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour18/8/2015Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
142382Abdalrhmn ans ale almaray   DabqAleppo4/9/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISMilitary
142612..... .....   IzazAleppo10/9/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
142613..... .....   IzazAleppo10/9/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
143240..... .....   MnbjAleppo20/9/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
144138Hsn alaly   AlqbhAleppo9/10/2015Male7Gunshot from ISISCivilian
145392Hmady hsn almkhlf   Jbl abdalazyzAlhasakah29/10/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
146102Abdalhmyd khlyl trky alzaal   AlbukamalDair Ezzour5/11/2015Male13Gunshot from ISISCivilian
146674Maath hamd   YldaDamascus Countryside12/11/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
147453Abdalqadr rslan rslan   Tal RifaatAleppo27/11/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISMilitary
147756..... .....   AleppoAleppo2/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
147777..... .....   MnbjAleppo2/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
147807Mhmd aadl njyb   YldaDamascus Countryside2/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
148008Mhnd haj mhmd   AleppoAleppo5/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
148787Ale almsry   YldaDamascus Countryside14/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
149355Lhsam ramy   MnbjAleppo23/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
149685Naym amad alaqra   HyttDaraa27/12/2015Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
150174..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/1/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
151627Thaar alsmyr   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour26/1/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
151848Mhmd amyn alqamshly   AlraqahAlraqah29/1/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154150Rna mhmd hmamy   AleppoAleppo6/3/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154151Sba ahmd hmamy   AleppoAleppo6/3/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154794..... alqsyry   JlynDaraa23/3/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154793..... alqsyry   JlynDaraa23/3/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154799..... sadr almhmdy   JlynDaraa23/3/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154800..... sadr almhmdy   JlynDaraa23/3/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154801..... sadr almhmdy   JlynDaraa23/3/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154895Sham mhmd alsayd   DailDaraa26/3/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154958Abdalrhmn mhmd alsayd   AlzbaryDair Ezzour28/3/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
154992Hnydy mhmd alhkomh   AlkhrytthDair Ezzour29/3/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
155377Rhmh mhmd almhydy alkhlyf   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/4/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
155378Rymas mhmd almhydy alkhlyf   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/4/2016Female10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
155782..... .....   AleppoAleppo14/4/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
155920Yhye alasmr   DamascusDamascus17/4/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
155954..... alasmr   DamascusDamascus18/4/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian
156137Aadl alsadon   AlqamishliAlhasakah21/4/2016Male10Gunshot from ISISCivilian

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