27 Martyrs (دمشق) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
97789Olyd msaod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97783Osym almsaod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97786Nors smarh   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97795Njah mhmd albqaay   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014FemaleDue to lack of foodCivilian
97778Mose alasad   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97777Mhmod alasad   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97788Mhmd msaod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97775Mahr ebrahym syf almoas   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014Male10Gunshot woundCivilian
97782Qtybh amr almzal   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitaryVideoPicture
97784Amr mhmd hmo   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleArtillery shellingCivilianPicture
97682Amr esmaayl rhal   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleArtillery shellingCivilianPicture
97797Amar akrm brazy   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleUnder tortureCivilian
97681Aly snd almsaod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97781Ttarq fkhry almhmod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97787Slamh mhmod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97780Rbya fkhry almhmod   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitaryPicture
97793Hsn krykr   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilianPicture
97785Jasm smarh   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97796Esmaayl abdallh   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleDue to lack of foodCivilian
97798Ahmd shkoe   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleUnder tortureCivilian
97794Ahmd rmdhan   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleUnder tortureCivilian
97680Ahmd alasad   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilianVideoPicture
97792Abomhy aldyn almydany   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97779Abokasm alafksh   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97776Aboshhab .....   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
97790..... .....   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian
97791..... .....   DamascusDamascus17/1/2014MaleUnder tortureCivilian

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