161 Martyrs (دير الزور) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
152110Asad alamyr alabdallh   AlkhrytthDair Ezzour1/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152111Salh khlf alyasyn   AlshmyttyhDair Ezzour1/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152112Hsynh hmd aljyjan   Hoayj althyabDair Ezzour1/2/2016FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
152113Ebrahym mhmod alhmdan   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour1/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152178..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/2/2016MaleBombing by ISISCivilian
152179..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/2/2016MaleBombing by ISISCivilian
152177..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/2/2016MaleBombing by ISISCivilian
152180Mhmd njrs   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
152201Ahmd abdalhmyd alhoyjh   AleppoAleppo3/2/2016Male10Explosion by ISISCivilian
152208Lyth esmaayl mhmd alkhlf   AleppoAleppo3/2/2016MaleExplosion by ISISCivilian
152265Abdo hsyn aldbhany   AlkhrytthDair Ezzour3/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
152266Bdor abdalhmyd alhoyjh   AlasharhDair Ezzour3/2/2016Female10Explosion by ISISCivilian
152267Lyle esmaayl mhmd alkhlf   AlasharhDair Ezzour3/2/2016FemaleExplosion by ISISCivilian
152268Nor abdalhmyd alhoyjh   AlasharhDair Ezzour3/2/2016FemaleBombardment by airCivilian
152338Nasr aamr alaoyd   AleppoAleppo4/2/2016MaleBombardment by airMilitary
152369Yosf salh alsbar   AlquriahDair Ezzour4/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152429Mhmd ahmd aldhary   AleppoAleppo5/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152454..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/2/2016FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
152453..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/2/2016Female10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152455Mhmod almttr   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour5/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152505..... njlaa khald shhathh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016Female10Bombardment by airCivilian
152511Aboamar alshamy   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleGunshot woundCivilian
152507Ahmd hmod alabd   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152512Jhydh hsn aldham   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016FemaleGunshot woundCivilian
152508Khlyl slyman aljro   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152513Abdalazyz mhmod alhsyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleUnder tortureCivilian
152509Mhmd hmod alabd   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152510Nasr slyman aljro   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152506Njlaa khald shhathh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/2/2016FemaleBombardment by airCivilian
152549Najy alazbh   AlboamrDair Ezzour7/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
152550..... .....   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour7/2/2016Male10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152551..... .....   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour7/2/2016Male10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152552..... .....   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour7/2/2016Male10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152553Khdhr mhmd esmaayl aljdaan   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour7/2/2016Female10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152554Rsl mhmd esmaayl aljdaan   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour7/2/2016Female10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152555Fattmh nayf alabdallh   AlmohsnDair Ezzour7/2/2016FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
152556..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/2/2016FemaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
152598Smahr esmaayl aljdaan   Alttabyh alshamyhDair Ezzour8/2/2016FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
152599Amad almkhlf   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour8/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152600Khdhr mhmd aljdaan   Ttabyh shamyhDair Ezzour8/2/2016Male10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152666..... .....   AlshmyttyhDair Ezzour9/2/2016Male10Russain Air BombingCivilian
152667Mhmd abdalkrym aljdoa   AlshmyttyhDair Ezzour9/2/2016Male10Bombardment by airCivilian
152747Ayob amyn almsttfe   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour11/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
152871Khald alhlal   AlbukamalDair Ezzour13/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
152872Ttarq adnan alaroh   AljnynhDair Ezzour13/2/2016Male10Gunshot from sniperCivilian
152873Adnan ayd alayse   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152874Abdalrhmn mhmd alrjb   AyashDair Ezzour13/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152881Alaa aldyn hsyn alslyby   AlraqahAlraqah14/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
152909Ahmd mhmod alabdallh   AleppoAleppo14/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
152929Rmdhan aljbarh   AlkhrytthDair Ezzour14/2/2016MaleBombardment by airMilitary
152945Ahmd hashm shaban   AlraqahAlraqah15/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153024Jasm khlyf alalosh   AlasharhDair Ezzour15/2/2016MaleUnder tortureCivilian
153025Zkrya alsbhy   AlquriahDair Ezzour15/2/2016Male10Bombardment by airCivilian
153026Abdalrzaq alsbhy   AlquriahDair Ezzour15/2/2016Male10Bombardment by airCivilian
153027Mhmd jhad alhsyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour15/2/2016Male10Bombardment by airCivilian
153028Mhmod alabdallh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour15/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
153200Tth esmaayl alajaj   AlbolylDair Ezzour17/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153267..... .....   AlshalyhDair Ezzour18/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
153266..... .....   AlshalyhDair Ezzour18/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
153329Ahmd alkhdhr   AlryfDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
153330Mnyr alhmod   AlryfDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
153331Njyb alaany   AlryfDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
153332Aboaaashh aljzraoy   AlshdadyDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleBombardment by airMilitary
153333Aboabyr alaraqy   AlshdadyDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleBombardment by airMilitary
153334Adm alshyshany   AlshdadyDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleBombardment by airMilitary
153335..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153345..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153344..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153342..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153346..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153340..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153339..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153338..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153336..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153343..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153337..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153341..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153348Nayf njm alnayf   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour19/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
153385Jasm alalo   AljnynhDair Ezzour20/2/2016FemaleGunshot from sniperCivilian
153386Mhmod mdhhy alhmd   AlzbaryDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
153387Mhmd ahmd trky alkhlyfh   BqrsDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153397..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153398..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153396..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153395..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153394..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153392..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153391..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153390..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153388..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153389..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153399..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153393..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour20/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153467Bshar mhmd alkhald   AljnynhDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
153469Ahmd altrky   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153470Angham alabdon   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016Female10Bombing by ISISCivilian
153471Bsam alalaoy   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153472Amar alhoash   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153468Malk alhmydy   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleGunshot woundMilitary
153473Mhmd alkhdhyr   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour21/2/2016MaleBombardment by airCivilian
153506..... .....   AlryfDair Ezzour22/2/2016FemaleBalrjm mn daashCivilian

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