27 Martyrs (الحسكة) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
153934Noaf alklsh   AlhasakahAlhasakah1/3/2016MaleUnder tortureCivilian
154032Ahmd hlaoh   AlhafyrAlhasakah3/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154033Aayd aldham   AlhafyrAlhasakah3/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154034Bshar mose alajyl   Tl abydhAlhasakah3/3/2016Male10ExplosionCivilian
154035Mhmod aoad alajyl   Tl abydhAlhasakah3/3/2016Male10ExplosionCivilian
154036Msttfe aoad alajyl   Tl abydhAlhasakah3/3/2016Male10ExplosionCivilian
154128Sayd bndr alsayd   Alryf aljnobyAlhasakah6/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154171Eyly abdalahd   AlqamishliAlhasakah7/3/2016FemaleExplosionCivilian
154172Jorj abdo   AlqamishliAlhasakah7/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154173Zynb athab   AlqamishliAlhasakah7/3/2016FemaleExplosionCivilian
154174Myrft almray   AlqamishliAlhasakah7/3/2016FemaleExplosionCivilian
154175Mylad abdalahd   AlqamishliAlhasakah7/3/2016FemaleExplosionCivilian
154176Fozyh alnofl   AlnoflhAlhasakah7/3/2016FemaleExplosion by ISISCivilian
154264Jmah mhmod hatm alshbly   Hryr alhatmAlhasakah8/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154475Fars alaoad almhjob   MrkdhAlhasakah13/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154547..... .....   AlnasryhAlhasakah17/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154570Aboamr alalmany   AlhasakahAlhasakah18/3/2016MaleExplosionMilitary
154682..... .....   AlryfAlhasakah20/3/2016MaleGunshot woundCivilian
154683..... hamd alhsyn   AdlhAlhasakah20/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154684..... hamd alhsyn   AdlhAlhasakah20/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154685..... hamd alhsyn   AdlhAlhasakah20/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154686..... khald alhamd alaklh   AdlhAlhasakah20/3/2016FemaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
154753..... .....   Jbl abdalazyzAlhasakah22/3/2016MaleExplosionCivilian
154829..... .....   AlholAlhasakah24/3/2016MaleGunshot from Kurdish forcesCivilian
154830..... .....   Ab alshokAlhasakah24/3/2016Male10ExplosionCivilian
154969Amad jbarh   AlqamishliAlhasakah29/3/2016Male10Gunshot woundCivilian
154970Hmyd mhna   MbrokhAlhasakah29/3/2016MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian

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