31 Martyrs (0.1) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
48818..... .....   DamascusDamascus30/12/2012Female0.1Gunshot from sniperCivilian
51604Abdalrhmn ghnym   IrbeenDamascus Countryside19/1/2013Male0.1Power outages in nurseryCivilianVideoPicture
42596..... .....   DarayaDamascus Countryside15/11/2012Male0.1Bsbb enqttaa alkhrbaa an almshfeCivilianVideo
17921Mhmd msaad alozal   AlbolylDair Ezzour24/6/2012Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianVideo
42472Mhmd abdalbaqy   DarayaDamascus Countryside14/11/2012Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianVideoPicture
42849Moyd aymn aloaoy   HarastaDamascus Countryside17/11/2012Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianVideo
48234..... ttlal alkrdy   AleppoAleppo26/12/2012Female0.1Artillery shellingCivilian
53599Nor samr khttab   AleppoAleppo3/2/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilian
57389..... .....   AleppoAleppo1/3/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilian
63453..... mhmod alnsar   AssanamainDaraa12/4/2013Female0.1Artillery shellingCivilian
66735..... .....   DumaDamascus Countryside2/5/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilian
67235..... .....   AlmoadhamiahDamascus Countryside4/5/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianVideo
73693Mhmd fras alradhy   DaraaDaraa29/6/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianPicture
86417..... .....   DumaDamascus Countryside11/10/2013Male0.1Artillery shellingCivilianPicture
31763Byan altthan   PanelingHoms11/9/2012Female0.1Because of the difficulty in getting treatmentCivilian
100000Mhmd nsr   HomsHoms2/2/2014Male0.1Due to lack of food and medicineCivilianVideo
125105Mrh aldalaty   DumaDamascus Countryside29/11/2014Female0.1Due to lack of food and medicineCivilianVideo
127327..... .....   DumaDamascus Countryside9/1/2015Male0.1Due to lack of food and medicineCivilianVideo
131632..... .....   BbylaDamascus Countryside23/3/2015Male0.1Due to lack of food and medicineCivilian
145245Hmzh ahmd hamd   DumaDamascus Countryside26/10/2015Male0.1Due to lack of food and medicineCivilian
4496..... .....   HomsHoms12/11/2011Male0.1Gunshot woundCivilianVideo
28796..... .....   DarayaDamascus Countryside26/8/2012Male0.1Gunshot woundCivilian
28797Ans mhmd alsqa   DarayaDamascus Countryside26/8/2012Male0.1Gunshot woundCivilian
67310..... aly jmah   Ras alnbaTartous4/5/2013Male0.1Gunshot woundCivilian
73315..... .....   AlmoadhamiahDamascus Countryside25/6/2013Male0.1UndocumentedCivilian
25897Mhmdkhdhr smyr dnon   IzazAleppo15/8/2012Male0.1Bombardment by airCivilian
51581Mhmd msttfe alsydahmd   AlmoadhamiahDamascus Countryside19/1/2013Male0.1Bombardment by airCivilianPicture
51703Sabr hamysh   KifrayaHoms20/1/2013Male0.1Bombardment by airCivilianPicture
52068Mhmd majd alattar   IrbeenDamascus Countryside22/1/2013Male0.1Bombardment by airCivilianPicture
68866Mhmd alsoah   DamascusDamascus19/5/2013Male0.1Chemical Air BombingCivilianVideo
134422Fattmh aly mhmd alaly   SrynAleppo1/5/2015Female0.1Coalition Air BombingCivilian

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