37 Martyrs (Coalition Air Bombing - Alraqah) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
121179Abdalkrym alahmd aldham alrmh   AlraqahAlraqah23/9/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingMilitary
121414Esmaayl hsyn alabo   AlraqahAlraqah27/9/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
121444Athman mhmod mthaoth   AlraqahAlraqah28/9/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
121481Fozyh aljdoa   AlraqahAlraqah29/9/2014FemaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
122006Khlyl ebrahym alshykho   HmamAlraqah7/10/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
122007Slamh mhmd althyab   SlokAlraqah7/10/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
124150..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah11/11/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingMilitary
124151Abdalmole alharosh aldybo   AlraqahAlraqah11/11/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
124152Mhmd sayd alqdor nasr   AlraqahAlraqah11/11/2014MaleCoalition Air BombingMilitary
137407Yhye abdaljbar alfrj   AlraqahAlraqah21/6/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingMilitary
138454Ady amar alshoakh   AlraqahAlraqah4/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138455Foad hmod alnmr   AlraqahAlraqah4/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138456Fysl naalh   AlraqahAlraqah4/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138517Mhmd hmd alkaasy   AlraqahAlraqah5/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138597Mhmd alshykh rhyl   AlraqahAlraqah6/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138861Ayse alhmydan   AlraqahAlraqah11/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138864..... .....   AlsmraAlraqah11/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138862..... .....   AlsmraAlraqah11/7/2015FemaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138863..... .....   AlsmraAlraqah11/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138914Sary alakr   AlraqahAlraqah12/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138966Alaa aboabdallh   AlraqahAlraqah13/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
138968..... .....   AlmdynhAlraqah13/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138969..... .....   AlmdynhAlraqah13/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138970..... .....   AlmdynhAlraqah13/7/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
138971Amjd mhmd alshhadh   AlmdynhAlraqah13/7/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
143141Amyrh mhmod alnajy   AlraqahAlraqah19/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
143143Khlod zyad alnajy   AlraqahAlraqah19/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
143203Fattmh hsn alsttyf   AlraqahAlraqah20/9/2015Female10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
143542Mnthr aly alaskr   MadanAlraqah26/9/2015Male10Coalition Air BombingCivilian
143633..... .....   MadanAlraqah28/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
147040Yasyn khald alnory   AlraqahAlraqah20/11/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149781..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149776..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149777..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149778..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149779..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
149780..... .....   AlraqahAlraqah29/12/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian

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