51 Martyrs (23/3/2011) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
26Smyr qnbs   AlharaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
33Abdallh aljrad   AlharaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
48Mhmd rshrash aljrad   AlharaDaraa23/3/2011Male47Gunshot woundCivilian
60Mnthr amro   AlharaDaraa23/3/2011Male22Civilian
61Mnthr qnbs   AlharaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
7Ahmd foaz abosafy   AlharakDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideoPicture
8Ashrf ahmd almsalmh   AlharakDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
55Maath nayf abazyd   AssourahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
15Thaar yosf mnokh almqdad   Busra ShamDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
64Nors sfoan almqdad   Busra ShamDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
67Yosf abdalroof almqdad   Busra ShamDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
20Hyan haj ale   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
25Zkrya alhmydy   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
42Fady fars almsry   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
56Matz abo zayd   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
57Matz najy abazyd   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
63Ndhal fars   Khirbet GhazalahDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
11Ebtsam mhmd qasm almsalmh   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011Female11Gunshot woundCivilianPicture
12Ebrahym alnasan   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
9Ashrf abdalazyz almsry   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011Male38CivilianVideo
10Aymn yasyn qttyfan   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
14Blal abonbot   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011Male30CivilianVideo
17Hatm almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
18Hamd almsalmh   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
19Hmyd abonbot   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
21Khald abas sad almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
22Khald abdallh almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
114Khlyl aymn zttymh   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleDue to severe woundsCivilian
23Raad ahmd alhmsy   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
30Abas sad almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
31Abdalghny alkrad   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
32Abdalkrym khald almsry   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleFor refusing to fire at civilians and kill protestorsMilitary
35Azyz abonbot   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
37Aly ghsab almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
38Amr abdaloaly almsalmh   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
40Ayse mhmd alkrdy   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
41Ghsan almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
43Malk mhmod mfdhy alkrad   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
44Mahr almsalmh   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
46Mhmd aboaon   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo
45Mhmd abonbot   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
51Mhmd aly abazyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
52Mhmd msttfe dloa   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
54Msab ahmd almhamyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
58Mnthr ahmd alhmady   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
62Nayf hsyn abazyd   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
65Osam amyn alghol   DaraaDaraa23/3/2011MaleGunshot woundCivilianPicture
36Aly ahmd alroashdh   TafasDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
13Ebrahym aly alhary   AtmanDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
34Abdalnasr almsalmh   AlmaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilian
39Amr mhmd alhryry   AlmaDaraa23/3/2011MaleCivilianVideo

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