1136 Martyrs, may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Birth  Province of Birth  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
323Mrad khlyl ttlas   الرستنحمص17/4/2011MaleFor refusing to fire at civilians and kill protestorsMilitary
706Hsan abas   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleFor refusing to fire at civilians and kill protestorsMilitary
678..... shryth   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
699Ebrahym ghazy ttlas   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
683Ahmd alshykh hsyn   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
687Ahmd khald alhaj yosf   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
704Bsam ahmd alay   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
707Hsan mhmd alhmsy   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
712Hsn amr alttoyl   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
714Hsn mhmd alhmsy   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
715Hsyn abdalhsyb alantr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
720Khald ahmd sadaldyn   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
723Khald ahmd abyd   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
736Zyad tth abyd   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
992Zyad abdalkrym abyd   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
746Abdalbastt ahmd alrjb   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
750Abdalhmyd alhmyd   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
760Abdalrhmn qasm alashtr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
757Abdallh abdalkafy edrys   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
763Aqab jmal alshykh aly   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
765Alaa hsn shmyr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
769Aly abdalrzaq ordh   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
771Amar mhmod fars alkhttyb   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
782Mtab abdh alshmyr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
788Mhmd amyn abdalhfyth alashtr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
785Mhmd alhaj hsn   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
791Mhmd khald alttoyl   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
796Mhmd abdalhfyth alashtr   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
797Mhmd alaoy alhmyd   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
798Mhmd aly msharqh   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
802Mhmd mhmod amar khttab   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
829Ordan ghazy ttlas   الرستنحمص29/4/2011MaleCivilian
1299Bsam mhmod ttlas   الرستنحمص29/5/2011MaleGunshot woundCivilianVideo
1309Abdalrzaq fayz aldaly   الرستنحمص29/5/2011Male18Gunshot woundCivilian