432 Martyrs (ريف دمشق) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
121653Aymn tthan   AldoylahDamascus Countryside1/10/2014MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
121652Fayz bsam zkhor   AldoylahDamascus Countryside1/10/2014Male10Artillery shellingCivilian
121655Soryh abas   Khan alshyhDamascus Countryside1/10/2014FemaleArtillery shellingCivilian
121657Mhmd zyad anor khyty   DumaDamascus Countryside1/10/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
121656Mofq mhmd alkhnshor   DumaDamascus Countryside1/10/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
121658..... .....   HryrhDamascus Countryside1/10/2014FemaleArtillery shellingCivilian
121659..... .....   HryrhDamascus Countryside1/10/2014FemaleArtillery shellingCivilian
121660..... hsyn mhmd alflah   HryrhDamascus Countryside1/10/2014Female10Artillery shellingCivilian
121661Hsyn mhmd alflah   HryrhDamascus Countryside1/10/2014MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
121689Yamn khald qoydr   AljrbaDamascus Countryside2/10/2014MaleGunshot woundMilitary
121690Adnan aldalaty basyl   AlzabadaniDamascus Countryside2/10/2014MaleGunshot woundCivilian