85 Martyrs (حماة) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
147716Abdalhady khald alshkhtor almbark   KffersitaHama1/12/2015MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
147780Mhmd aly radon   Almadhiq CastleHama2/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
147831Abdaljbar abdalstar alhsn   AlhoyzHama3/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
147832Ahmd aly qmyro   KvrenbaudhHama3/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
147885Jlal khald alsfan   AllatamnahHama4/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
147886Abdalhkym mhmd alkhald   AllatamnahHama4/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
147887Samr ahmd mbark   HamaHama4/12/2015MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
147888Ghson mhmd mbark   HamaHama4/12/2015FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
147889Mhmd ahmd mbark   HamaHama4/12/2015MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
147890Mhmd mbark   HamaHama4/12/2015MaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
147891Njah mhmd mbark   HamaHama4/12/2015FemaleRussain Air BombingCivilian
148075Aboahmd .....   HamaHama6/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
148076Abomalk .....   HamaHama6/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
148077Abomhmd allathqany   HamaHama6/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
148078Fysl mnaor alhsn   KurnazHama6/12/2015MaleBombardment by airMilitary
148176Zky ahmd zaky hmo   HamaHama7/12/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary