168 Martyrs (دير الزور) , may God's mercy be on them all
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 Martyr ID  Martyr Name  City of Death  Province of Death  Death Date  Gender  Age  Death Method  Civilian/Military  Video  Picture 
142234..... alsodat   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142235..... alsodat   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142236..... alsodat   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142237Hsn aldanh almhmd alhmod   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
142238Hsn almhmd altrky   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
142239Rafa alahmd alhsyn   AlshayttatDair Ezzour1/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
142275Ahmd hsan alfnash   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142276Aly fhd alnjrs   AlasharhDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142277Edrys alhsn   Hmar alalyDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142278..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142279Abdallttyf kdro   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142280..... .....   GhranyjDair Ezzour2/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142343Mkhlf alahmd almose   AlboamrDair Ezzour3/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142344Hsan alalaoy   AlbukamalDair Ezzour3/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142345..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour3/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142347..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour3/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142346..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour3/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142348Yosf ahmd alhmod   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour3/9/2015Male10Due to lack of medicineCivilian
142403Abdallh aljasm   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour4/9/2015MaleDue to lack of food and medicineCivilian
142404Amr almla   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour4/9/2015MaleDue to lack of food and medicineCivilian
142427Ahmd alabdallh   AlkhrytthDair Ezzour5/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142428Khald alkaml alabod   AlshayttatDair Ezzour5/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142464Dham slyman alnoman   AbohmamDair Ezzour6/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142465Yasyn alaoyd   AbohmamDair Ezzour6/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142466Abadh ahmd almkhlf   Hmar alalyDair Ezzour6/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142467Ayse esmaayl alhmadh   Hmar alalyDair Ezzour6/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142469Esraa mhmd hsyn alzghyr   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/9/2015Female10Due to lack of food and medicineCivilian
142468Khttab althahr alhsyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour6/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
142506..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour7/9/2015FemaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142515..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142514..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142520..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142519..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142518..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142516..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142512..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142507..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142511..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142517..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142510..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142509..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142508..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142513..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142521Mhmd aly alsalh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleStrangulationCivilian
142522..... .....   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142523..... mhmd alhsyn alamr   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142524..... mhmd fhd alslyman alhaj   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142525Aashj oaoy alhsyn   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142526Aoad mhmd alttly   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142527Mhmd fhd alslyman alhaj   Zghyr jzyrhDair Ezzour7/9/2015MaleGunshot woundCivilian
142567Ahmd alsnd   AlbghylyhDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142568Hmady ahmd alaryr   AlbghylyhDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142569Hmd salh alslom   AlbghylyhDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142571..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142572..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142573..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142570..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour8/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142597Abomhmd hoayj   AlhoayjDair Ezzour9/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISMilitary
142598Hsyn ahmd alsmsam   AlryfDair Ezzour9/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142626..... .....   AlbukamalDair Ezzour10/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142627Mhmd nsar alksar   AlbolylDair Ezzour10/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142628Mhmd khald alghdyr   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour10/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142629..... .....   HjynDair Ezzour10/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142630..... .....   HjynDair Ezzour10/9/2015FemaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142654Esmaayl ebrahym alljy   AlbsyrhDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142655Msttfe olyd alhsyn   AlbukamalDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleDrowningCivilian
142656Esmaayl alkhdhr   AlttobDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
142657Sayd alkhdhr   AlttobDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
142658Yasyn alkhdhr   AlttobDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleCoalition Air BombingCivilian
142659Aarf hsyn alsttam   AlquriahDair Ezzour11/9/2015MaleUnder tortureCivilian
142696Aml salh mhmd alaly   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour12/9/2015FemaleExplosion by ISISCivilian
142697Ghsan abdalohab alahmd   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour12/9/2015MaleExplosion by ISISCivilian
142750Mnsy hrby alaayd   AttayanahDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142751Aly hamd alhmod   BqrsDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142757..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142758..... .....   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142752Hmady aldaly   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleBombardment by airCivilian
142753Hmady baod alabas   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142754Hmod abad alabas   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142759Aly knamh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142755Msttfe mhmd salh alttamh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142756Nasr abohsyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour13/9/2015MaleBombardment by airCivilian
142788Mjahd amhymd   AlryfDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142789Ebrahym alkhdhr   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142790Ahmd mhmd alaoad   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142791Saod ahmd alaly   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142792Akash alrys   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142793Noaf alnasr   Alryf alghrbyDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
142794Ebrahym mhmd ebrahym   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142795Abdalnasr alhsyn   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour14/9/2015MaleArtillery shellingCivilian
142874Mjd mhmd krdosh   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour15/9/2015Male10DrowningCivilian
142929Abdalqadr alyosf   AlttabyhDair Ezzour16/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142931Asad ntham alsalh alabdaljasm   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour16/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
142930Eskndr masr alshlash   Dair EzzourDair Ezzour16/9/2015MaleGunshot woundMilitary
143035..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143041..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143040..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143039..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143038..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143036..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian
143034..... .....   AlshayttatDair Ezzour17/9/2015MaleGunshot from ISISCivilian

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