151,887 Martyrs up to 30/4/2016

Martyr Counts by Death Method
(The Undocumented are mostly gunshot wound)

 Death Method  Count 
Gunshot wound55,243
Artillery shelling42,691
Bombardment by air15,003
Under torture8,184
Gunshot from sniper4,875
Russain Air Bombing2,624
Gunshot from ISIS1,613
Chemical Air Bombing1,467
For refusing to fire at civilians and kill protestors1,104
Due to severe wounds994
Slit throat794
Due to lack of food and medicine710
Coalition Air Bombing445
Bombing from resistance forces379
Explosion by ISIS258
Scud missile219
Bomb explosion186
Because of the difficulty in getting treatment132
Due to severe cold122
Due to lack of medicine100
Gunshot from Kurdish forces85
Due to lack of food73
Bombing by ISIS68
Mine explosion39
Ghazat kymaoyh osamh35
Heart attack due to fear33
Bombing from resistance forces27
Gunshot from Alnusra24
Bombing by ISIS21
Due to a fire16
Illegal shrapnel bomb15
Bttlq nary mn alnsrh15
Stabbed to death15
Qsf balkhtta mn almaardhh15
Lqah msmm12
Crushed by a tank12
Suffocated due to tear gas11
Bttlq nary mn hzb allh11
Hadth mror11
Bsbb albrd alshdyd10
Power outages in nursery10
Shrapnel from a bomb9
Myah mlothh7
Bsbb nqs alraayh alttbyh fy alsjn7
Ttlq nary7
Suffocated due to smoke6
Shthaya alttaarh5
Bsbb enqttaa alkhrbaa an almshfe5
Benhyar bnaa4
Beaten to death4
Baltsmm alghthaay4
Khnqa balghaz4
Khttf - aadam4
Enhyar srdab4
Bttlq nary mn hrs alhdod altrky4
Balghazat alsamh3
Bhadth syr3
Bhadth syarh2
Miscarriage due to fear2
Hadth mrory2
Bsbb alrd alqars2
Bsbb alttqs2
Ghazat samh2
Hadth syarh2
Balrjm mn daash2
Elqaa mn bnaa mrtfa daash2
Khofa mn alqsf2
Balqnabl alghazyh2
Bqsf mn daash2
Qtta ras1
Benfjar lghm1
Ttana balskyn1
Jltth dmaghyh1
Nzyf dakhly1
Thara mn alqsf1
Bttlq nary mn qoat sorya aldymqrattyh1
Due to fear from government terrorist1
Bttlq nary mn jysh alashaar1
Bsbb nqs alttaam1
Bttlq nary mn aljysh alhr1
Bshthyh qthyfh1
Beaten with stones1
Bsbb nqs alghthaa1
Bmrdh ghyr marof1
Bsbb hroq1
Rmya mn albnaa1

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